Boost Bone and Cardio Health with Sports Research Vitamin K2 MK7


The Sports Research Vitamin K2 MK7 is a powerful supplement that provides strong support for bone and cardiovascular health. With its plant-based ingredients and added coconut MCT oil, this product ensures optimal absorption and effectiveness. In this review, I will share my personal experience with this vitamin K2 supplement and conclude with my overall thoughts.

After struggling with low vitamin D levels and energy levels, I decided to try the Sports Research Vitamin K2 MK7. I have been using this supplement for a few months now, and I can confidently say that it has made a significant difference in my overall health. Not only have my energy levels improved, but my bloodwork has also shown positive results.

Additionally, I was amazed to discover that this product has helped reduce plaque in my arteries. A few years ago, I experienced a major blockage in my LAD artery, known as the “Widow Maker.” Thanks to this supplement, the plaque in my arteries has significantly decreased, and my overall cardiovascular health has improved.

Furthermore, the quality of this product is outstanding. The veggie softgels are well-made and easy to swallow, and the addition of the citrus aroma adds a pleasant touch. I appreciate that the vitamin K2 is sourced from fermented chickpeas and encapsulated in carrageenan-free PlantGel softgels.

Strong Support for Bone and Cardiovascular Health

Sports Research Vitamin K2 is a powerful supporter of bone and cardiovascular health. This micronutrient plays a crucial role in moving calcium out of the bloodstream and into the bones, helping to build bone density and promote cardiovascular health. By ensuring proper calcium distribution, Vitamin K2 helps to prevent conditions such as osteoporosis and the hardening of arteries. With its strong support for a stronger you, this vitamin is an essential addition to any supplement regimen.

Citrus Aroma for a Refreshing Experience

Sports Research Vitamin K2 now comes with an enticing Citrus Aroma. Each bottle contains a ScentCert Desiccant insert, delivering a fresh aroma of Citrus Orange. The scented insert is made from all-natural flavors and does not compromise the effectiveness or integrity of the K2 supplement. This pleasant citrus scent enhances the overall experience of taking the supplement, making it even more enjoyable and refreshing.

Plant-Based Ingredients for a Healthier Choice

Unlike other brands that source their Vitamin K2 from soy, Sports Research uses only fermented chickpeas to produce their K2. This plant-based approach ensures that the supplement is suitable for vegans and free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The K2 is encapsulated in their trademark, carrageenan-free PlantGel softgel. The company has also added a UV-protecting color barrier to shield the K2 from light degradation, ensuring the highest quality and potency.

Enhanced Absorption with Coconut MCT Oil

Sports Research understands that K2 delivers its best benefits when taken with food or another source of fat. That’s why they have added the quality fats found in coconut MCT oil to their vegan softgels. This combination helps to enhance the absorption of K2, ensuring that you get the most out of your supplement. By including coconut MCT oil, Sports Research has taken an extra step to optimize the effectiveness of their Vitamin K2.

Positive Customer Reviews

Customers have expressed their satisfaction with Sports Research Vitamin K2. Many have reported improvements in their energy levels, bone health, and cardiovascular function. Some have even mentioned reduced plaque in their arteries, demonstrating the potential benefits of this supplement. The positive reviews highlight the effectiveness and quality of Sports Research Vitamin K2, making it a trustworthy choice for those looking to support their overall health.

Easy to Use and Effective

Customers have praised the easy-to-swallow veggie softgels of Sports Research Vitamin K2. The well-made gel tablets have a pleasant smell and do not stick, making them a convenient and enjoyable option. Users have also appreciated the fact that the supplement has no taste and is easy to incorporate into their daily routine. With its effectiveness and ease of use, Sports Research Vitamin K2 is a reliable choice for those seeking to improve their health.


  • Strong support for bone and cardiovascular health.
  • Sourced from fermented chickpeas, making it plant-based and non-GMO.
  • Contains coconut MCT oil for better absorption and effectiveness.


  • Some customers have reported the need to take higher doses for desired effects.
  • Contains carrageenan, an ingredient linked to potential health issues.
  • Inconsistent labeling and presence of undisclosed ingredients in some bottles.


    In conclusion, I highly recommend the Sports Research Vitamin K2 MK7 for its strong support in promoting bone and cardiovascular health. It has proven to be effective in increasing energy levels, reducing plaque in arteries, and providing essential nutrients for overall well-being. With its high-quality ingredients and thoughtful packaging, this supplement is a worthwhile addition to any daily regimen.

    Questions & Answers:

    Question: Does this product help with bone density?

    Answer: Yes, Vitamin K2 is known to support bone health by moving calcium into the bones and increasing bone density.

    Question: Is this product suitable for vegans?

    Answer: Yes, it is vegan certified and sourced from fermented chickpeas, making it plant-based.

    Question: Are there any potential side effects?

    Answer: While there are no common side effects reported, some individuals may experience sensitivity to carrageenan, an ingredient found in the product. It is always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement.

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