Skechers Men’s Energy Sneakers: A Comfortable Choice


The Skechers Men’s Energy Afterburn has garnered high praise from numerous customers, boasting a solid rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 48,000 reviews. With a reasonable price point and positive feedback, I was eager to put these sneakers to the test.

Upon trying on the Skechers, I was immediately impressed by the comfort and support they provided. The wide width option was a plus for my feet, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit. I found them perfect for my daily power walks and exercise routines, thanks to their durability and overall quality. However, I did notice that the insoles were not removable, which was a slight inconvenience for my orthotic needs.

Comfort and Support

The Skechers Men’s Energy Afterburn sneakers are praised for their exceptional comfort and support. Many reviewers highlight the cushioning and stability provided by these shoes, making them ideal for various activities such as power walking, exercising, and all-day wear. The design incorporates features that prioritize the wearer’s comfort, ensuring a pleasant experience with each step taken. Customers appreciate the level of support these sneakers offer, allowing them to move with ease and confidence.

Durability and Quality

With a focus on durability and quality, the Skechers Men’s Energy Afterburn sneakers are designed to withstand daily wear and tear. Reviewers commend the longevity of these shoes, noting that they maintain their comfort and structure even after extended use. The high-quality materials used in the construction of these sneakers contribute to their resilience, making them a reliable choice for those seeking long-lasting footwear. Customers value the durability of these shoes, emphasizing their ability to withstand various activities without compromising on performance.

Style and Fit

In addition to their comfort and durability, the Skechers Men’s Energy Afterburn sneakers are praised for their stylish design and excellent fit. Reviewers appreciate the aesthetic appeal of these shoes, noting that they can easily complement a range of outfits and activities. The true-to-size fit ensures that wearers can enjoy a comfortable and secure feel without any sizing issues. Customers find the combination of style and fit to be a standout feature of these sneakers, making them a versatile and fashionable choice for everyday wear.


        In conclusion, the Skechers Energy Afterburn sneakers are a solid choice for those seeking a comfortable and stylish option for everyday wear or light physical activities. While they may not cater to everyone’s specific needs, their overall quality, durability, and reasonable price point make them a worthwhile investment for many.

        Questions & Answers:

        Question: Are these shoes true to size?

        Answer: Yes, these Skechers are true to size according to most reviewers.

        Question: Are these shoes durable for everyday wear?

        Answer: Yes, many users have mentioned that these shoes are durable and have lasted them a long time.

        Question: Do these shoes provide good arch support?

        Answer: Some users have noted that the arch support could be better, so if you have high arches, you may want to consider this before purchasing.

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